This Nationally recognised unit describes the skills and knowledge required to follow organisational infection prevention and control procedures, including implementing standard and transmission-based precautions and responding to infection risks.

This unit applies to any customer-facing worker who is eligible to work or volunteer in Victoria, irrespective of their citizenship or residency status with priority given to those working in retail, food handling and transport and logistics.

  1. Follow standard and additional precautions for infection prevention and control
  2. Identify infection hazards and assess risks
  3. Follow procedures for managing risks associated with specific hazards

As part of the course you will be required to perform:

  • hand hygiene and care of hand
  • use of personal protective equipment
  • handling of waste
  • enforcing clean and contaminated zones
  • limitation of contamination
  • surface cleaning

Skills will be demonstrated and assessed in the workplace.

Any customer-facing worker who is eligible to work or volunteer in Victoria, irrespective of their citizenship or residency status, with priority given to those working in retail, food handling and transport and logistics.

Basic computer skills are required to utilise Mayfield Online learning resources. Students must have access to a computer and internet to complete this blended training.

Course content consists of a number of methods to revise and reinforce best practice in infection prevention and control in the workplace. This includes the following topics:

  • Follow hand hygiene practices in accordance with organisations policies and procedures
  • Implement hand care procedures and cover cuts and abrasions
  • Follow organisation procedures for choice and use of personal protection equipment
  • Follow procedures for respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
  • Follow procedures for environmental cleaning
  • Follow procedures for handling, transporting and processing of linen in a manner that controls the spread of infection
  • Follow procedures for disposal of contaminated waste
  • Follow procedures for handling and cleaning client equipment that prevents skin and mucous membrane exposures, contamination of clothing, and transfer of pathogens
  • Identify and respond to situations where additional precautions may be required to prevent transmission of infection
  • Identify infection hazards associated with own role and work environment
  • Identify own areas of responsibility in relation to infection prevention and control
  • Assess risk by determining the likelihood and severity of harm from identified hazards.
  • Document and report activities and tasks that put self, clients, visitors and/or other workers at risk
  • Identify appropriate control measures to minimise risk in accordance with organisations procedures
  • Follow protocols for care after exposure to blood or other body fluids as required
  • Place appropriate signs when and where appropriate
  • Remove spills in accordance with the policies and procedures of the organisation
  • Minimise contamination of materials, equipment and instruments by aerosols and splatter
  • Identify, separate and maintain clean and contaminated zones
  • Confine records, materials and medicaments to a well-designated clean zone
  • Confine contaminated instruments and equipment to a well-designated contaminated zone

Delivery is by online learning and self-paced learning materials. Online activities and assignments are provided.

Students must have access to a computer with internet capabilities.

On acceptance into the course, students will be provided with clear instructions and password to enter the online workshops and receive written materials.

This blended learning course is supported by a range of resources and facilitated by live online webinars (web-based seminars).

Subsequent to this, participants will be assisted with completion of simulations and associated workplace assessments which form a mandatory component of the course.

If a suitable workplace assessor is unavailable; Mayfield Education is able to organise a workplace assessment visit in collaboration with the management and supervisors of your workplace.

The duration of this course is approximate 3-6 months.

Available now – self paced, more dates are coming.

Assessment for the course is undertaken in a number of ways:

  1. Written assignments and quizzes to assess your knowledge
  2. Simulation activities
  3. Work placement task
  4. Demonstration of skills whilst at work

Successful completion of the Course depends on the submission of all assignments, and completion of the Practical Placement (which is organised by Mayfield).

After successfully completing all units of study, and the Practical Placement , you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment from Mayfield Education.

Health care professionals who complete this course place themselves in a good position to find further employment and as part of their CPD to be considered for a more responsible role.

This course is also open to the public.

Funded Fee: $0 (free of charge for eligible students)

Fee for Services Fee: $380

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Funded Fee (Skills First Program funded places) are subject to change of government policy and this may occur during your course.

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Available now – self paced

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Approximate 3-6 months


Online & workplace assessment

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