About Us

Mayfield Education is committed to continuous quality improvement, is fully compliant and registered under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) standards and is ISO 9001 certified. A copy of the AQTF Audit Report can be obtained by request to Mayfield Education.

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Mayfield’s Mission

Empowering individuals and organisations through learning and development to improve health outcomes.

Mayfield’s Vision

Leading innovation and excellence in the delivery of training and education for health and community services.

What Our Happy Graduates Are Saying...

What Makes Mayfield Different

Mayfield Education has achieved 50 years of success in leading and providing quality training and education to the health care industry.

Mayfield Education prides itself on the support we give our students, the quality of teaching and the ease of access to course coordinators. The range of Certificate, Short Courses and Consultancy Services has been developed to meet the needs of students and the healthcare industry at a Victorian and nationwide level. The quality and relevance of our programs has resulted in Mayfield Education courses often being cited as the industry preferred qualification.

At Mayfield Education staff hold appropriate education qualifications as well as qualifications in their area of specialty, and only external professionals considered experts in their field teach in our programs. Recent developments include contemporary and innovative blended learning experiences which enable online access and support for all students. These standards and innovations ensure that our students receive quality tuition that is both relevant and current.

Mayfield Education’s supportive learning environment has assisted in giving many students the extra confidence and skills needed to achieve their goals. Many of our students continue on to advance their employment and careers, further study and successes.

At Mayfield Education we are committed to assisting students to achieve and learn and thus have the opportunity to advance themselves given their commitment to succeed in their chosen field. We believe that the quality of teaching, the low student to educator ratio resulting in small class sizes and the amount of support given to students undertaking courses is what’s really important. This is what makes the difference.