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Career Advice for Working In Healthcare

Ask yourself these questions
Do you want to make a positive and significant difference in peoples’ lives?
Do you genuinely want to help people that are having difficult times particularly in their health?

If you answered yes to either of these, then a career in healthcare could be for you.

Watch an information session

For this reason we have provided a range of information sessions for many courses to:

  • Inform you about how the course is undertaken
  • Assist you in your thinking and decisions on which course to undertake
  • Acquaint you with the level of study and academic demands associated with the course to ensure you make the right decision and are able to get through.

Becoming a Health Care Professional

Becoming a health care professional is a big decision and we are very happy to guide you with this. We can offer you free career advice and guidance. There are number of paths that you can choose. Most of our courses are supported by Government funding to encourage people to enter into the Health and Community Services area where there is a growing need.

There are a large number of health care courses on offer at Mayfield Education and to assist you in making these decisions we also ask you to consider the following:

Are you attracted by the highly technical components of health care? Working with equipment and machinery, devices and instruments? Infection Control & Sterilisation? You may even want to consider the courses in the area of Operating Technician Theatre

Are you attracted to assisting people with specific activities when they are injured and recovering? You may want to look at the Allied Health Assistant course. AHA’s (as they are known) work in a variety of areas including Allied Health

Do you like the idea of undertaking complete care of a client, resident or patient? Perhaps you are interested in becoming a nurse. Diploma of Nursing

There is high demand for health care professionals. Some areas of health require you to study before starting employment whilst others allow you to earn while you learn.

Many of our courses provide foundational qualifications which can be built upon later at university and in other learning organisations. We call these pathways programs – pathways to your career.
There is often a large amount of information to take on board at the commencement of the Courses.


We believe in providing you with a real experience working in a real health care setting where you can learn and demonstrate your newly acquired skills. This is called clinical placement and this forms an important part of our courses.

We arrange placement for you. Attendance at clinical placement is mandatory and 100% attendance is required. Mayfield Education pays Health Care Organisations (AKA agencies) to accommodate you. Clinical teachers, preceptors, mentors and workplace buddies are always allocated to assist students on placement. They will meet you on day one of the placement and conduct a thorough orientation.

Preparing for study

We acknowledge that the choice to commence study is a big commitment by yourself and those around you. You will need to be organised and sacrifice time usually spent on other things. You will need to get into the habit of regular study and complete at least two hours of study in the form of homework for each hour you spend in the class. We create safe learning environments. To assist those of you who have not studied formally before; or those of you who may not have studied for a while we have prepared a presentation for you and a Student Study Guide. Information around the level of study requirement please go to Study Levels.


Mayfield Education is run and administered by Health Care Professionals. The course coordinators and facilitators are all health care professionals. Many of our facilitators continue to work in clinical areas and bring to the courses the latest information.

At the completion of the course we review your progress and ask ourselves if you have developed in the three main areas that are required for all health care professionals.

Attitude … Do you have the right attitude for your new role. Will you be customer focused, caring and helpful? Would we like to be looked after by you in a hospital or health setting?

Skills … Have you developed the skills you will need to undertake your role with safety and consideration? Do you readily accept feedback, acknowledge your mistakes and strive to improve yourself?

Knowledge … Do you now have the level of knowledge that is required to start working as a health care professional in your chosen area? Do you ask questions and solve problems? Do you make sure that you have the knowledge and level of supervision required before you undertake tasks? If you identify that you don’t know something – do you know where and how to find information to assist yourself?


What Our Graduates Are Saying

Teachers are knowledgeable; especially Ewald who has more than 30 years’ experience in the Theatre Technician field. He brings the best out of his students. He makes his classes enjoyable with his humour whilst demanding hard work from us. He requires us to be attentive during the class to ensure our best understanding of the subjects to produce the best results possible. This ensures our every success. After a difficult start brought on by initial nervousness, I found his style helpful and easy to follow. I really enjoyed this class.

Crystal (Ping Zhang)

I have started my Cert IV operating theatre technical support course with Mayfield in July 2021. Studying at Mayfield Education has boosted my knowledge, skills and self-confidence. The support, advice and suggestions provided by Ewald assisted me in getting work ready. I am pleased to say that I have been offered a job during my work placement. Thank you to Mayfield Education.

Samjhana (Samu) Uprety

Thanks to Ewald & Jaafar for your encouragement and advice during the course that has led me to places I never thought I would go.

Thank you so much for your support and mentorship throughout my course.

I have learnt so much during Cert IV Sterilisation service & Cert IV Operating Theatre technical course.


I would like to express my appreciation for the placement provided to myself to complete the medication course in 2020.

As it was an extremely difficult year for all, I  would like to sincerely thank all of who spent the time and sourced the placement. At the completion of my placement with EPC I was offered an amazing job opportunity and commenced the following week. All the staff at EPC were both helpful and encouraging throughout my placement and continue to be so now that I am no longer there as a student but employed as EEN.

Thank you again and I hope to see you while you are visiting future Mayfield students.


My placement was very good and although the first day was daunting they made me feel at home and explained every aspect of the role. It was great and I am confident that this is what I want to do


I've just started my first week at X Private Hospital and the certification has come right on time for my pre-employment checks. I'd like to thank you for all the help and support you've given me at my time at Mayfield, and for seeing me through to the end.


Steve D'SilvaSteve D'Silva
09:29 06 May 24
leaf flyingleaf flying
23:32 23 Apr 24
I became aware of the OTT course through a colleague. I enrolled in it as it fitted well with my work schedule and I was therefore able to focus on my studies while working.I started the one-year course in 2022 and enjoyed all units, particularly those relating to the provision of operative equipment and technical support. The course is highly relevant to my job placement.The course mirrors the practical aspects of real work-life situations. It allows for a broad introduction into the field resulting in a smooth transition to technical specificities. This is reflected in the highly technical assessment on offer. Lessons and assessments require the students' utmost commitment and preparation as a prelude to the real-world working environment. Just turning up to class will not do.Teachers are knowledgeable; especially Ewald who has more than 30 years’ experience in the Theatre Technician field. He brings the best out of his students. He makes his classes enjoyable with humor while demanding hard work from us. He requires us to be attentive during the class to ensure our best understanding of the subjects to produce the best results possible. This ensures our every success. After a difficult start brought on by initial nervousness, I found his style helpful and easy to follow. I enjoyed this class.
Jesmine LalJesmine Lal
04:13 18 Apr 24
Doing the Diabetes Education course at Mayfield was great way to upgrade my nursing skills and open up a potentially new career pathway for myself. The face-to-face sessions and the clinical placement opportunities added to the positive experience on top of getting to learn from professionals from the same field!
02:07 05 Apr 24
Thanks for mayfield for supporting for the course. A special thanks to Midhun our course coordinator for all his support throughout the course. He was really encouraging for me to complete the program. I would suggest students to choose this centre for a DNE course definitely.
Lizy PhilipLizy Philip
00:29 05 Apr 24
We had a great experience at Mayfield ,the teachers were very helpful and guided us to achieve our goal, A special thanks to Mithun for his encouragement throughout the course,its a great place to study hence highly recommended !!
07:19 15 Feb 24
Ashleigh WheatonAshleigh Wheaton
23:03 20 Nov 23
Thank you Mayfield for supporting me all the way through my certificate. A special thanks to Ewald for believing in me and always pushing me to be better! I couldn't have completed this without your encouragement to keep going. Also a thanks to Tyson for your wonderful customer service and communication.
Ly LikarLy Likar
02:08 24 Aug 23
Thank you so much for dedicated teaching from experience teacher and all support for good work placement from Mayfield Education!
Esther SamuelsEsther Samuels
16:03 24 Jul 23
Recently finished my PG in Diabetes Nursing, I found Mayfield to be an awesome Tafe, one of the best Tafe for Diabetes Education and with lots of support for their students. Hence, it is highly recommended. Thanks to Mayfield Team.
Vivienne SpeirsVivienne Speirs
07:19 06 Jun 23
(From an attendee at our recent conference. Mayfield education presented).The disinfection and sterilisation lecture given by Lisa Li was very informative and gave practical instruction on best practice for sterilisation. It was great to have such a vital part of our everyday practice reinforced, and the importance of strict adherence highlighted. I learnt about gold standard sterilising operations and workplace set up, common issues and how to avert these, and the importance of adhering to manufacturer’s guidelines for all solutions and processes.
Rajan AnandRajan Anand
23:05 24 Feb 23
Recently finished my course from mayfield education very satisfied with their Services.Highly experienced and educated staff.very professional highly recommend to everyone. Big thanks to Zainab Akhter (Director of the collage).Amreen (Trainer) very helpful.
Tallulah HTallulah H
06:40 15 Sep 22
Having completed my course here in recent weeks, I could not be more pleased and grateful with the current staff involved. This year has been well structured to the best of their ability, given the climate of the pandemic. I have found the coordinator and staff to be very responsive and have very much appreciated their ongoing support.

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