Frequently Asked Question(s)

Training Information
You can obtain most of the information you require from the relevant training brochure, the Mayfield Handbook or this website. Please contact our Receptionist to arrange for relevant training information to be sent or emailed to you if required. Phone (03) 9882 7644 or Email:

How will I find out if I am eligible to do this training? The course brochure, Handbook and entries on this website outline specific entry criteria relevant to the training you are interested in. Many of our programs are open-entry however some will require evidence of prior qualifications and/or experience. The Certificate IV in Health (Nursing) information session includes an entry test and an interview as part of the application process. Relevant Course Coordinators can be contacted to discuss any concerns you have regarding your eligibility.

I’ve never worked in the health sector before. Does that matter?
Not if you are applying for open entry courses. In many instances people who choose a Mayfield program are doing so for a career change and have no prior experience working in the health sector. Where a program has specific entry criteria or access to work requirements, the application form will indicate this.

I am in my 50s. Am I too old to do the course?
Age is not a barrier. However keep in mind that in some occupations the work is quite physical and assumes a certain level of health and fitness.

How is the training delivered?
Mayfield offers on-site and some distance education programs across a number of specific programs. Delivery may be full or part-time. On-site Certificate programs consist of lectures and practical sessions delivered at either of Mayfield’s two campuses (Hawthorn East and Caulfield General Medical Centre). Many programs involve hours allocated for independent learning activities which can be carried out in your own place and time. A number of programs involve clinical workplace experiences. The duration varies depending upon the qualification. The brochure, Handbook and website entries provide detail regarding the number of days, relevant dates, and the hours associated with delivery.

How long is the training?
The dates indicated in the brochures usually indicate the on-site class days. You will need to allow additional days/weeks to complete any clinical/workplace hours required.

Do I need a Police Check or Vaccinations?
Mayfield student access to health care services for clinical or work experience may be subject to the requirement to complete a satisfactory Police Check and have pre-determined vaccinations prior to acceptance of the student by the facility. The relevant training brochure will indicate what is required for the course you wish to undertake.

Students who are unable to commence clinical placements or obtain approved access due to an unsatisfactory Police Check result or incomplete vaccination may be excluded from training programs where such is required at designated health care facilities. Mayfield is not obliged to organise a placement for you if you elect not to complete the prescribed requirements at the appropriate time. This may compromise your ability to complete the training.

What are the training hours?
In most circumstances they commence at 9.00am and finish at 4.30-5.00pm. There are some selected courses delivered in the evening.


Will I be assessed?
Not all programs require assessment. Typically short courses do not required a formal assessment process. Certificate programs and some of our longer short courses will have assessment requirements that you will need to satisfactorily complete.

How will I be assessed?
There is a variety of assessment strategies: examinations, tests, assignments, workbook activities, in-class activities for workplace assessment. The training brochure will indicate the type and nature of the assessment.

Clinical Workplace Experience

Is there a clinical/workplace experience associated with the training?
Some short courses and most certificate courses will have a clinical or workplace component to the course. Refer to the relevant training brochure.

Who organises the placement?
The placement is organised with your Course Coordinator. You are able to source possible placements however Mayfield is required to ensure a clinical placement provides the appropriate type of training and supervision. Please note that some training requires current employment in the relevant field.

Is clinical/workplace experience full time or part time? This will vary. The placement may occur throughout the program or may require a block placement at designated times. We can organise for you to do your placement full time or part time.

Where does the placement take place?
Metropolitan students – Work placements could be anywhere in the metropolitan region however we do try to find suitable venues within your region and accessible by transport.
Rural students – Students from rural areas may be able to complete their work placement at venues close to home.