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At Mayfield Education we embrace a ‘Student Centric’ learning approach.

We strongly believe in:

  • Empowering Student Journey
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Job Readiness

A Leader in Health Education Since 1963.

Empowering Student Journey

We encourage students to feel, and be, empowered and find their voice. We actively seek their feedback at the end of each unit and at the completion of their course.

Our encouragement and assistance for individual goals and career aspirations helps with high course completion levels, which we monitor and maintain.

We mentor and lead them at every level, so they become vested with the information they need to become successful in their chosen healthcare stream.

Lifelong Learning

We offer dynamic and enquiry-based learning to promote students’ abilities and capabilities during their studies.

We offer lifelong learning to our students and health care workforce so they can deal with, and upskill for, the dynamic and changing environment.

We provide a supportive learning environment that gives students the extra confidence and skills they need to achieve their career outcomes.

Job Ready

We meet the needs of students from all walks of life, and assist and guide them in pursuing their career in the healthcare sector.

We prepare our students with the industry required knowledge, skills, and work placement to build and deliver a job ready workforce.

We build employability skills and offer career advice for our students to meet industry needs.


Employment Outcomes of Qualification Completers

87.5% were employed after training

After completing a qualification at Mayfield Education, 87.5% were employed after training. 

36.1% Employed at a higher level

88% were employed before training. Of these, 36.1% were employed at a higher skill level after training.

90.3% received at least one job-related benefit

From those who were placed in jobs after completing a Mayfield Education qualification, 90.3% received at least one job-related benefit.


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